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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  September 6, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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all eyes are tracking the hurricane's every move. it is getting more likely by the hour she will hit florida. inkey west, everyone is ordered to evacuate. it's mandatory, all visitors, business owners, and residents need to get out by 7:00 tonight. >> with sus stained winds at 175 miles per hour, irma is being called potentially catastrophic and life threatening. >> there is a new and seems to be record breaking hurricane heading right toward florida and puerto rico and other places. we'll see what happens, we'll know in a very short period of time, it could be not good, believe me. >> it could be a coast to coast threat. it is large enough to impact the
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west and east side at the same time. >> do not ignore revakuation ord evacuation orders. everyone is coming this to andrew, but this looks bigger. >> we have a team in place in the caribbean in florida, let's start with al roker with that new update on the storm's path. >> basically right now, casy, we're looking at a system that is behaving the way we think it would if is still a category 5 storm. this is extremely dangerous storm. 185 miles per hour winds. only one other storm had winds higher than that. west northwest at 16 miles per hour. here is the impacts we're looking at, katie. for tonight, puerto rico, good news for puerto rico, it is further north. they have 50 to 75 miles per hour winds, storm surge four to
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six feet, riffle five to ten inches or more. hispanola, not quite as bad as it could be. where we're really worried tomorrow morning, turks and caicos. this is a wall of water of 15-20 feet. upwards of 16 inches of rain. bahamas going to take another stream. the good news for cuba, as we watch this now move into saturday morning, it curves away. late saturday night into sunday morning a landfall along the east coast of florida. here the warnings, advisories,
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bahamas, cuba, the ensembles that we're watching are little models they run. they're all fairly bunched together here. but on sunday morning into monday morning, a lot of them out into the gulf, they have more in florida and overt the east. it bunches up more tightly. we're looking at landfall along earn florida, traversing back into the atlantic and making land fall from coastal georgia to coastal south to north carolina. >> governor rick scott said this could be worse than andrew. you covered andrew, you say what happened there, give us a sense of what that means. >> categories are based in five categories. 74 miles per hour to 95 miles
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per hour is a one. up to 110 is a two, 129 is top for a three, category five it is 157 plus. we're almost 30 miles per hour over that. you would think okay, well i get it, 95 miles per hour is less than 157, but it is less than half. no. when you take categories and you start to step them up, they increase in power exponentially. so a cat 2 is ten times worse than a category 1. cat three is 50 times worse. you get to where we are right now, it is 500 times more powerful and destructive than a category 1 storm. and florida, right now the tropical force winds are about in diameter. they are give or take from the
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center of the storm. the width of florida is about 140 miles. we could see storm surge and tropical force winds on both sides of florida on the atlantic side and the gulf side at the same time. >> south carolina's governor issued a state of emergency for that state, but it is not just irma, there is also two others brewing out there as well. >> yeah, it's not unusual to have more than one tropical testimony brewing at a time. right now we're not concerned about hojose. there is something called the fujiwara effect, the storms affect one another and it could pull a storm into it's orbit.
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here is jose right now. moving west northwest at seven. here is the track. it starts to curve. the good news is hopefully that would fwhot a problem. you can see there is jose and there is the east coast. >> al roker, thank you, we'll catch you tomorrow morning with another update on this tomorrow. gabe gutierrez, we have been seeing a line of cars all day leaving, seems like people are taking it seriously. >> leading in and out of the florida keys, it has been planned for much of the day. we have seen a steady stream of
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cars. depending on where you are, when it comes to evacuations here, evacuating tourists and by tomorrow, other counties, miami-dade county, expecting issues, some evacuation issues today. they are asking residents in coastal and low lying areas to evacuate. it really depends on where exactly you are. the track shifted a little to the east. they say we don't know exactly where it is going to go, and it could still be damaging to the florida keys. we have seen an exodus on the way here. businesses are bordered up. gas is hard to come by. we're at a gas station now that
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say they expect to run out in 15 minutes or so. some of the stores on the mainland, their trying to restock. we have seen empty shelves in pictures for the last day or two. people are taking this very seriously in south florida because of what governor rick scott said today. it is bigger, faster, stronger than category andrew. it devastated this area, a category five, especially homestead. >> it's not just the winds or rain, it's the storm surge. and a storm surge in the keys could be catastrophic. they're only six feet above sea level. a storm surge of 9 feet could swamp entirely these appislands. thank you very much. >> american airlines has just
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announced they will cancel operations out of key florida airports this weekend. including miami and ft. lauderdetailaude lauderda lauderdale. and feeling the force of irma this afternoon. morgan is in san juan, a lot of folks are already in shelter there. >> we have seen just in a number of hours, the winds shifting, the waters becoming chop rier, the water levels rising, everyone here is hunkering down, and we're all getting prepared, craig? prepared for all of these families. >> i was impatient, desperate, scared, and really, really scared. i was really scared. >> you say you're scared, what is your biggest fear? >> losing the little things we have. we don't have much, so losing the only things we have, a little house, and it's not even
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hours, where will we go after. you don't know what will happen, when it will be over. it has not even come and you want it to be over. it is really nerve racking and always be prepared. you should always be prepared for anything. >> many of these families are not sure when they're going to be able to return to their homes. meanwhile fema said today their number one priority is on saving lives. >> morgan ratford in san juan, puerto rico. joining me now is the mayor of key biscayne. your town is low. it is a problem sometimes just from the tide cycles, the water is already high, what will you do with this? >> we're planning, we will be prepared, and we have a great comprehensive plan for
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hurricanes and that's what we do. we hunker down and prepare, and we get everyone involved and we live in a barrier island so hurricanes are not new, they're always a threat, and we have policies and procedures in place to hopefully, you know, ride them out and do as well as anyone can. >> you have a lot of high-rise buildings and new developments, how do you convince folks that live five floors up that they still need to evacuate. >> they understand the dangers, a lot of them. they do act responsibly and we really put the word out there to encourage evacuation. in fact we're doing that now. >> storms like this always bring up lot of discussions about whether or not the building booms that we have seen in low lying areas, places like florida where the wetlands have been
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decreased, whether or not that is a good idea and whether or not there should be a move to cap buildings and population centers in these areas. when you see this and when you potentially brace yourself for serious damage, what is your response to that? >> we really, we learned a lot from and rrew. we really tightened up our building code to be very resilient. our first floors can be washed away, and they are waterproof to a certain extent. we do have a population cap on key byscane. we have been pretty diligent. >> a barrier island that is in
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just a few moments ago, president trump batted down claims that he was having second thoughts about ending the program for dreamers. the people who were brought into the country as children, congress now has six months to legalize daca, something the obama had min strags was unable to do. if they can't, i will revisit the issue. now immigration, once a key campaign issue for trump is dividing washington and not just along party lines. >> we want to make sure that we fix this issue for these kids and young people. >> where should all of the kids go? >> they came here toly in the shadows, and we're not denying them that opportunity to live in the shadows?
11:18 am
>> i'm saying they should make up their own mind. >> they're part of our country, they're fully employed for the most part. they're in school, they will add great value. the pret is right to want to have a heart for these kids. >> i didn't believe daca was constitutional i don't believe it is constitutional now. >> halle jackson is live at the white house. garrett, i want to start with you. republican leadership were just taking to the podium a moment ago saying they did a good job passing the debt ceiling. >> it will be getting harder going forward. the debt ceiling and a continuing resolution to fund the government all together, that will likely pass the senate without too trouble. owe will see a number of conservatives very upset to have these things tied together.
11:19 am
the leadership knows they have it on their side now. they have this leadership. the appearance that the president sided with democrats and tieing these together in the short-term. they will have to have another debt ceiling fight and a continuing resolution fight down the road. >> a three-month continuing resolution is something that the democrats wanted. >> that's right, the shorter the time period the bes tter, they n force them to have votes closer together, closer to 2018, and hold it up against the christmas holiday break here. >> so the democrats are pretty pleased with themselves right now. >> they met to talk about other things among them the debt
11:20 am
ceiling and the dreamers. last night he said he would revisit the issue, but he said he was not having any second thoughts. >> it is a good question to ask president trump, katie. thankfully some of our colleagues asked that question on air force one. let's listen. >> what do you say to those saying there are mixed signals coming about daca from the white house. >> congress i really believe wants to take care of the situation. very conservative members of congress even, i have seen it firsthand. if they don't, we'll see what we're going to do, but i tell you i think congress wants to take care of it. we discussed it today, chuck and nancy would like to see something happen and so do i. i said if we can get something to happen, we're going to sign it and make a lot of happy people. >> and so you heard probably the
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dinging of the airplane over head there. but in that brief conversation, he repeatedly talked about the idea that congress will come up with a solution, he believes. he is confident in that. as you said, chuck and nancy, he sad oth had other nicknames for them in the past. he spoke about revisiting daca, and he said we'll see what happens, we'll see what congress has to do. it may be uncomfortable to talk about political rleveragrelever you have the fates of so many young people hanging in the balance, but we'll talk about what will happen with the dreamers and there is a question of leverage no with the
11:22 am
president and if he might have give given some of that up with that tweet. >> chris student represents utah, and is a member of the permanent collect committee on congress. congressman, if feels like it has been so long with the august recess. >> yes, it feeling like forever, but it is good to be back with you. >> for 16 years, congress has been dealing with the dream act or related issues. is now the time that congress can come together and get it done? >> i do, and president indicates this is very, very important. his tweet was saying if congress fails, and i don't think we will, that he would reengage on this. i think the president made a hard choice. many of us said although i agree generally with the policy that president obama implemented, i disagreed he had the authority to do that. i don't think constitutionally he did. i'm glad that congress will take
11:23 am
a look at this, but i think there is bipartisan support on this. i really do. i met recently with a young man who came here at two months old. he is working his way through college. he wants to be a military officer. he has no place to go back to. no family, no home, what else do we do with these young people such as this. this is democrats, republicans, many of us recognize we have to fix this. i fully expect that we will be able to do that. >> do you expect the president to show more leadership on this? lindsey graham said he wanted to see the president come out and say exactly what he wants to see get done. >> maybe, but i think he has shown leadership. he knows the executive action was constitutional. this is congressional authority, and he gave us that and a time limit to do that. he indicated in previous statements that the dreamers
11:24 am
really are an exception. when we think of illegal immigrants, they don't fall into the normal category. i think the president and many of us believe as well that we just have to accept. >> what do you think about your college, congress nman steve ki who was on msnbc saying dreamers came here to live in the shadows and they're not denying them the opportunities to live in the shadows, do you agree with that? >> i would hate for my come to come on and criticize colleagues that were on previously to me. that is one of the channels and objections. we have too many people living in the shadowis and it's not right for them. if they're here illegally, let's create a process where they're not here any longer. if they're here, like with the dreamers, that is an exception
11:25 am
and let's create a process where we can bring them out of the shadows. it is not good for any society, millions of people, using the phrase living in the shadows, to turn a blind eye and say it is okay. we should give an answer for what our policy is. >> do you support any specific legislation on the table right now? >> yeah, there are several. i'm original cosponsor on the bridge act that identifies those that came here younger than 16 in school, no felonies, no criminal history, in school or the military, i support that. the enlist act i support. a former air force officer knew there was dreamers in my ranks serving with me that allows them to serve in the military. there is bipartisan agreement and support for some of these ideas.
11:26 am
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back to the breaking news that we're fol rowing this afternoon if is looking increasingly leekly the hurricane will hit florida in the next few day chst is why people in the southern township are already getting out. >> you don't have until opportunity to move. fema will not be able to start moving in this direction until they give the call clear to come down. you have to sustain yourself. >> the storm surge could be worse. and in miami, with the world building boom in the last boom, they could cause billions of
11:31 am
dollars in damage. we are in miami beach florida where lines to r forming for sandbags. folks out there tend to get a lot of hurricane warnings down in florida, is this one, especially after harvey, that they are heeding? >> yes, there is more caution, but because we're talking about a category five storm. we have not seen the category five storm go through miami since andrew 25 years ago. these city officials are handing out sandbags, they handed out 5,000 yesterday, working to hand out more today. this is a barrier island with a lot of low lying area. this is the miami city commissioner, how vulnerable is miami beach? >> i don't think we could be any more vulnerable.
11:32 am
we're at sea level, we're a barrier island. we have the sea on one side, the bay on the other. we're ground zero for this, people are taking it pretty seriously. >> there is a voluntary evacuation in place now, but he is telling people to get out now. what other precautions should people be doing right now? >> folks need to fulfill their plans or to make them now. we're telling everybody please leave the beach as calmly but as quickly as possible. we're go everything we can here with the sandbags and trying to help folks protect their homes. but once they protect their homes we need them to leave. a lot of flooding and damage to the city's water, infrastructure, and water pumps. >> we're a little ahead of the game. we're about 20% into a long-term project where we're ripping out all of our infrastructure predates world war ii. our pumps may not be able to handle it, but it will mitigate
11:33 am
the damage and the amount of time it takes for the watt tore subside from the streets. >> it is almost certain it will be a mandatory evacuation. shelter information will also be handed out, and katie, miami international airport will be remaining open until the sustained winds reach 35 miles per hour. now everyone here in south florida is preparing for the worst. >> united airlines already cancelling fair flights. joining me now is phil, a meteorologist at colorado state. for one second i want to bring up the satellite image of this storm and look at the eye of this thing. we have been seeing it all day long, but it is so perfectly formed. hopefully with e can get it on the screen, the actual image from space. when you see a hurricane that looks like this, phil, and you see an eye that looks like this,
11:34 am
what goes through your head? >> it is really about the perfect tomorrow. just a few months ago that is allowing us to see 30 second images of this hurricane. we have never been able to observe a hurricane this frequently. it is amazing to watch one of these, it is as close to a perfect storm. it is in the atlantic and it is devastating the northern islands right now. i'm sure there will be sad pictures coming out from st. martin and the british virgin ala islands. >> why are we see sog many monster storms? >> the atlantic has been quiet, we have harvey, and now irma, and in 2005 we had a very active season that year, we had three
11:35 am
landfalling major hurricanes, and 2004 had four hurricanes that impacted significantly especially florida. we have seen these kind of years in the past, but the last few years have been quiet. we had not had one hit the use between wilma and harvey. so having no major hurricanes for almost 12 years and then having two within two weeks, the streak of good luck of the major hurricane land falls seems to be over. >> let's talk about where it could be headed, miami and the building boom that was out there. so many more people, the population is higher, and a lot of wetlands out there have been destroyed essentially to make way for this building boom. low that affect the readiness and the vulnerability of this area if the storm does hit
11:36 am
miami. >> the population really moved to the coastline. florida, prior to the mid 60s when air-conditioning started coming in and was more affordable. people had multiple cars, tons of electronic equipment, and stuff that is just in expleading. they are preparing and getting ready for the storm. even if they don't get stronger in the future, we'll see more damage given the fact that it is more stuff exposed to these types of ka as t catastrophes. >> meteorologist and research scientist at the department of atmospheric science. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> to bring us back from the brink of war with north korea,
11:37 am
ex-perts ke experts keep calling for diplomacy. i will ask senator ed marky who will be briefed by the white house next hour. ♪ top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis? how do you chase what you love do what i did. ask your doctor about humira. it's proven to help relieve pain and protect joints from further irreversible damage in many adults. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years.
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no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. there are new calls for diplomatic efforts. president trump talked about the crisis in a phone call with chinese president xi. here is what he said about the call on air force one a short
11:41 am
time ago. >> he is very much in favor of the denuke of north korea and we're talking about different things. we have some things, we'll be talking again soon and we'll see how that works out. in other developments, osouh korea will add more launches to a missile defense system there. after a meeting with south korea's leader, that negotiations, not sanctions, are the solution. he also pushed for a plan that calls for the u.s. and south korea to end military exercises in exchange for north korea ending it's weapons program. next hour, senior administration officials will brief all senators on the situation. house members will receive the same briefing later today. joinings now is massachusetts democrat senator ed markie who is on the senate foreign relations committee.
11:42 am
senator, thank you so much for joining us. your house cleels have beleague briefed, you're about to be briefed, what are you hoping to hear from the administration? >> i hope they say quite clearly there is no military solution to this problem. that it could lead to a catastrophic war on the korean peninsula that could lead to the death of millions of people, and they are now finally getting tough with the chinese. there is a 22% increase in trade between the chinese government and the north korean government in the last year. that is unacceptable and the chinese need to ratchet that down, cut off the oil to north korea. textile sails coles coming out north korea and china. cut off business partnerships so we can drive north koreans to
11:43 am
the table. >> how do you convince china to do that? >> china says their goal is to have a denuclearized korean peninsula. the way to do that is to persuade the north koreans that it is in their best interest and it is in the hands of the chinese because of the dependence on the economy for north korea on china. if they don't get it, there could be a dramatic escalation of nuclear activity on the peninsula with south korea. maybe the japanese would start looking at nuclear weapons, that is not in their best interest. >> are you proposing sanctions on china that continues to deal with north korea? >> china is the key. they are the last best chance we have to resolve this issue. and so we have to just basically call out the chinese as the key
11:44 am
parties and if not, we need to pass legislation perhaps. >> that's not a no for sanctions for china. >> no, it's not a no for sanctions for china. we have to play hardball with the chinese if they're not willing to cooperate because otherwise they protest the t.h.a.d. systems being sent to south korea and they punish the south korean economy with a $10 million hit on their tourism, and they say they want to denuclearize north korea. they cannot have it both yways. you also called for direct negotiations with kim jong un. do you think he can be reasoned with? >> i think if the chinese engage in the tough economic sanctions, then the united states could commit to direct negotiations with kim and then that is our
11:45 am
best chance. there is no guarantee, but it is our last best chance to avoid a ballistic missile with a hydrogen bomb on top of it aimed for the united states. it's our last best chance. >> who do you want to see negotiate that? donald trump himself or someone else at the administration. >> at the highest levels we should have secretary tillerson begin those negotiations, and we should ensure ultimately that if nice donald trump does talk to kim. >> do you trust his ability to negotiate with him. >> i think we don't have any other choice. he is the president, the commander in chief, he has to stop with his tweeting which he creates a destabilized environment for negotiation. go to the table, use the chinese economic leverage, and
11:46 am
hopefully, somehow or another, it is built into the kim response. in 2006, when china cut off oil to north korea, the north koreans went to the stable. that is was the single most powerful leverage point. the americans need to get in the room and ensure kim that we don't want to engage in a decapitation of the north korean regime. we just don't want them to have the capacity of a ballistic miss billion a hydrogen bomb on top of it. senator, thank you very much. you're welcome, thank you. later this afternoon, the president will take the stage in north dakota to talk about tax reform, but he doesn't have a vision or a plan to make that happen, so why is he going without a sell. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. i'm proud to make dog chow in (vodavenport, dog chow's been a part of my family's life for over 40 years. my grandfather made it and now i'm making it. as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients. just a cummins ago our cameras on capitol hill caught up with house minority liter nancy pelosi to ask her about her visit to the white house and her conversation with president trump about the debt ceiling, daca and more. take a listen. >> are you pleased with how it went it. >> well, we'll see.
11:51 am
one step at a time. we'll see what resolution the leader in the senate puts forth. >> are you surprised that the president backed what you guys were asking for against what his republican leaders were advocating for? >> i wasn't really that kind of a dynamic. i think we all have the same goals to come to, agreement at some point in the next few months, and we need some time. can't just do things overnight, even though we have the urgency of harvey and we need to do that overnight. but we have a lot of other issues to deal with. >> republicans seem to be concerned that you guys are going to try to leverage the debt ceiling come december for a daca fix. >> well, we want a daca fix. it's not even a daca fix. we want the drooem act and we have said really clearly. >> would the president support
11:52 am
-- >> the drooem act but i don't know -- that's what we will be talking about. >> he didn't tell you what that included? he just said that it would have the dream act. >> he said if you pass it, i'll sign it, but, you know, he obviously wants some other things, so we'll see what that is. >> nancy pelosi right there saying that she doesn't want a daca fix. democrats don't just want a daca fix. she wants the dream act. she also said the president said he would sign any sort of dream act or daca fix that came to his desk. she's just not clear what exactly is going to be in it. again, it was an exclusive interview with nbc news. next hour president trump will touchdown in south dakota to make another push for tax reform and tax cuts. and a very special guest is tagging along. democratic heidi high camp is aboard air force one. the very first democratic
11:53 am
lawmaker to join the president up there. one of the many items on congress's to-do list, tax reform. among others, provide money for hurricane harvey relief, raise the debt limit and funneled the government by the end of the month or risk a government shutdown. the president also wants them to take another shot at health care. and the president piled on the pressure when he gave congress six months to fix the daca program. congress doesn't have much time to do all of this. the house and senate are in session at the same time for just 12 days this month. joining me from north dakota, phil rucker, washington post white house bureau chief and msnbc political analyst. and from washington kimberly atkins, chief washington reporter for the boston her ald. >> phil, going to north dakota to pitch a plan that doesn't yet exist. >> that's right. up, it exists in broad outlines.
11:54 am
he wants to try to lower the corporate tax rate. he wants to lower the income tax rate for individuals, and he's coming here to north dakota to try to make his pitch for bipartisan support. he's touting the fact that senator hide camp, he's up for a tough re-election in career in this state which trumped carried by 36 percentage points. she flew with the president on air force one and he's going to try to signal that that's some sort of endorsement for his tax plan. there's nothing to endorse yet. so we'll have to see and let congress introduce a bill. >> kimberly, bringing heidi hide camp with him is interesting. just the other day last week when he was going to missouri, he went out there and he attacked the missouri senator down there, claire mccaskill. this is a change of tactics and it's funny in a state like north dakota which he won by 36 points. >> and, yes, and i think that's why we're seeing this tactic. i mean, heidi hide camp is a
11:55 am
democrat, one of a very few who next year is up for re-election in a state that trump won. and he seize this as a way to exert some pressure and to try to leverage this moving forward into this deal. once there is a tax plan and there is legislation to consider. the fight over this will be very different than the one that we saw, say, for repeal and replace obamacare, which you saw a solid democratic opposition to that. there are going to be some democrats who want some form of tax reform, probably not the 15% corporate tax that the president is seeking, the cut down from 35%. but some sort of movement going forward. and this is one way that he seize that he can put some pressure on democrats. >> phil, we have just 12 days in this month where both houses of congress are in session together. what is the likelihood that we're going to see the president really come out to push all of the agenda he wants to see get done before the year is out?
11:56 am
>> well, i think it's very unlikely that tax reform will be done in short order. it could potentially be done by the end of this calendar year, but it very well may stretch into next year. there's just so much on the docket right now, and the president just threw immigration into all of this. daca is going to be a hugely controversial issue. it's going to be pulling the republican party really in half over the next few months as they try to decide what to do about all of those dreamers and p granting them status or not. so it's a messy agenda right now. the president wants an easy victory, but there is necessity easy victory with this congress, so he's going to have to be patient. >> with no easy victory and being patient, that's one thing, but when you talk about what's going on out there today, kimberly, the president supported something that the democrats support, a continuing resolution for three months to extend the debt ceiling. what do you make of him siding with democrats on this issue, having heidi hide camp on the plane with him? is he signaling that he's going to try and subvert republican
11:57 am
leadership in some way? >> well, look, you can never know exactly what the president is thinking, but i think a lot of things are in play now. he just got off of a very bad news cycle after this daca decision that was really folks pushing back on. and so today you're seeing him sort of not only back off that, saying he wants congress to do something for these kids but extending this olive branch out to these democrats at this meeting today. even afterwards chucking about chuck and nancy. i don't think he mentioned senate majority leader mitch mcconnell once -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt, but just to see him in the same room as mitch mcconnell after all of the bad blood that we've been reporting between the two and the heated conversations and then for him not to come out and say anything about those two men, read into that for me. >> yeah. i mean, it could be a signal to say, look, i'm willing to give democrats a little bit of leverage here if republicans
11:58 am
don't come on board and help support my agenda in the way that i think that they should. i mean, that could be very well a signal. i mean, by agreeing to this three-month extension of the debt ceiling limit, lifting and the cr, that just sets up a fight in december that could get very ugly. and so i think it's -- it perhaps is a signal. perhaps he just wanted to get this harvey funding going and put a package together quickly. we don't really know, but that's definitely a possibility. one thing i do know is that republicans are not happy about this three-month plan, and that's something that the president will have to deal with. >> phil rucker, kimberly atkins. guys, thank you so much for joining me today. i appreciate your time. and one more thing before we go, we continue to track irma's path toward the u.s. the strongest hurricane ever recorded. but imagine riding out the storm with sir richard branson. it's really happening on necker
11:59 am
island, which branson owns, all of it, the entire island, as the category 5 hurlgts says, he's hold up with his own staffers. he's updating his status on he says when irma arrives, he plans to take everyone down to the concrete wine cellular on what he calls the great house. branson knowing his wonderful team there will be little wine left in the cellular when they all emerge. isn't that nice, ali velshi? if you're going to have to ride out a storm, do it in your own wine cellular. it feels a little out of touch, though, considering all of the folks out there that are going to get totally devastated. >> but it's not entirely given that some people who do choose to -- i road hurricane out with a shrimper once in a place where he knew he had all the shrimp that was going to spoil. we had a gas fired stove and we just ate shrimp for three days.
12:00 pm
i suppose you do what you can, but if you're in danger's way, you should get out. he does have a lot of resources. >> i wish everyone else did as well. >> help as many people as we can with it, indicate yi. >> i'm ali velshi. here we go again, the united states and its territories are looking down the barrel of another ma'am mot storm, but this time it is different. it's the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. it's so strong it's showing up on size mom ters. that's the equipment that's designed to detect earth wakes. hurricane irma is a category 5 hurricane right now. winds of 185 miles an hour. catastrophic damage is expected. the storm could slam right into south florida this weekend. governor rick scott is about to brief the media any moment now. we're going to listen to him when he does. congress today is just starting to sort out its own storm issues, including funds for what harvey did to


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